IFAC is the acronym for INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ART AND CONSTRUCTION, an initiative originally born in Spain five years ago, that has since developed anually in different places in Spain (2012, 2013, 2014, 2016) and Holland (2015).

Every year, artists and architects, designers, creators and craftsmen, researchers and students from all over the world gather to explore together contemporarity in rural environments. This nomad festival, sparkly and reflexive, develops during 10 days full of workshops, speeches, installations, music, food and party and aims to ask questions and explore answers to contemporary problems. In this edition IFAC will be present in the natural and protected landscape of Torres Vedras, Portugal, between 17 and 27 of August, in the heart of Serra do Socorro.


Our planet Earth is our home. It is our nature, and we are a part of this complex and delicate ecosystem. We represent a piece of the global movement for change and awareness, celebrating the Earth, in all its forms, layers and dimensions of it’s true Nature. With the power of knowledge and creativity we aim to build and not to destroy, serving as an example to the world of a model of conscious living and sustainability. From the element earth (micro) as clay to build and soil to produce to the planet Earth (macro) caring and restoring our connection with our essence and roots.

As builders and inhabitants of a new paradigm, Artists, Architects and Designers we strive towards restoring, reproducing and recreating in harmony with nature to assure the balance, diversity and abundance of thriving ecosystems, wich works based on the five elements (water, earth, fire, air, ether), and we want to build inspired by the natural elements, materials, colours and forms.

The light of a new Era for Sustainable Development is arising.

We consider that the human race has now the perfect conditions to act, transform and to co-create as one whole living organism, tuned with the harmony and balance of planet Earth which will echo between micro and macro, and in each one of us.

Let’s Live With Earth in this special moment of multicultural gathering for a lifetime experience.


My interest for IFAC resides in its assumption of the need of a change, the challenge of sustainability, the redefinition of disciplines and the interest for generating synergies from common learning moments. All of this based on a offshoring of every assistant and their meeting in a rural environment prepared for mutual care.
Marta Álvarez (researcher at Ifac 2016), Spain
My engagement as an architect goes beyond architecture and building, I believe dialog discussion and strong collaborations are essential to make the change and grow. It is important that beyond creative architectural ideas there would be idealistic people who would propose concrete answers
Nathalie Eldan (researcher at Ifac 2016), France
We think our proposal could encourage a more detailed study and mapping of the territory, and why not new types of study of the landscape. Within this festival we could accomplish this and sensitize towards a new natural landscape architecture, that not only respects but transforms the territory during time
Francesca Di Benedetto and Dumitru Alexandru Musteata (researchers at Ifac 2016), Italy
I wouldn’ t be honest of course not to mention the great time I expect having there in such a great place and with wonderful people. I would like to say that as an academic approach or simply a learning procedure I am a 100% supporting workshops and workcamps having participated in many of them and I would like to think that the project I propose sharing with you has something to offer to the collective experience.
Konstantinos-Orfeas Yenias (researcher at Ifac 2016), Greece
The work of the Spacedigger collective (of which I am a member) is focused on studying and representing the urban in physical, social, and speculative ways. I hope to contribute to the generation of new ideas about how citizens can actively build more just communities and combat forces of racism and xenophobia. I want to connect with others working on these topics and use IFAC as an incubator for future scholarly and artistic interventions
Jeremy Pine (researcher at Ifac 2016), USA
We went to IFAC in Holland last year and we loved it. It´s a super interesting festival, which is out of the conventional and wants to offer something different
Cannibals (African music band at Ifac 2016), Spain
I would like to take part because I think is a very exciting place, where you have the possibility to deal with interesting people to create together the change. The rural context emphasizes more the need to observe the world with new more careful eyes. We are the change, and if we are together we can do it better, simpler and faster. I define myself as a maker, I believe in people and in the making thinking
Alessia Rita Palermiti (researcher applicant for Ifac 2016), Italy
We love to make art and music in nature, and a festival such IFAC is perfect for us. Besides, we are touring our new album this year, so we are looking for festivals in so wonderful landscapes like IFAC. By the way, we are engaged with alternative ways of living, and this festival is a great chance for us to thinking and share about the rural environments, and how to make it a strong alternative to the big cities
Menhir, Music for Mountain (Band at Ifac 2016), Spain
I’ve already been twice, for the first time as a participant, second time as a tutor and each year brought totally different but equally wonderfull experience. The people, the workshops, the music – I’ve been attended many festivals but no one has such an atmosphere as IFAC, hope to feel it again in a few months.
Alicja Kubicka (participant and tutor, Ifac 2014, 2015 & 2016), Poland
I was born in the land’s event (Pechina) where I grew up thinking that it is a magical land to do something special. The life took me so far from here during many years ago to work, because here it doesn’t exist the opportunties and for this reason it might be a great opportunity to performance in my village, just in the place where I passed the summer, just how I always imagined
Indalecio Séura (professional contemporary dancer at Ifac 2016), Spain
I played as a Dj in IFAC13 and IFAC14 with some success, and I want to repeat this year, also as a tutor of a workshop
Luis Pastor (tutor and musician at Ifac 2013, Ifac 2014 and Ifac 2016), Spain
We love playing here, our born place full of childhood memories: Los Baños de Sierra Alhamilla. This is such an special place, and Ifac is a special moment, which offers the opportunity to share our music with other musicians, and not only that: with other arts and artists from all over the world, in this intimate place. Almería is a city which is living a renaissance musically and artistically talking, and is encouraging and exciting to be part of that more and more, thanks to Ifac
Na Corda Bamba (Bossa music band at Ifac 2016), Spain
I know Ifac, and it is a pleasure and honour to contribute to the festival with our music
Fuad Ahmadvand and Paolo Forte (Duet Santur - Acordeon music at Ifac 2016), Iran and Italy
We had the chance to meet each other in Ifac 2014 as tutors of the vertical dance & architecture workshop, first creating the idea of a scenographie, second building it and ad the end, dancing (“Crisálidad” was called, and it was the closing of the event). Now we want to come back because of the wonderful memory, because of sharing work, creativity and experiences
Llanos de Miguel y Sara Mohíno (Artefacto206 dance group, tutors at Ifac 2014), Spain
I see participating in IFAC as a great learning space to share knowledge in community
Anna Borrie (tutor at Ifac 2016), New Zealand
Exploring nomadic life, people and nature, another narratives, even matter and material, and rural environment, to learn and share, team work which is more efficient and sustain; This idea which arouses our thoughts from time to time for observing more into nature; IFAC crossed our thoughts this year to become a part of it, and ‘The Fragile Limit’ focused in a real exploration process inside everyone to find the balance and to achieve an idea for people and nature
Mohammed Eid and Oleksandra Nikitenko (tutors at Ifac 2016), Egypt and Ukraine
We share Ifac´s values and we try to defend their philosophy and the Boundaries´s ethos day by day. We like to build light, wooden and impermanent. And, above all, we believe in collective action, joining efforts, ideas and energies, in order to build unexpected situations
Rodrigo Rubio and Alessandro Mattoccia (tutors at Ifac 2016), Spain & Italy
We see IFAC as an opportunity to carry out a collaborative proposal, in a place where a great interesting exchange of ideas could be generated. We would like to continue learning, working with the scale, the nature, and most important, with other people. At the end, to go in depth on the concept of interconnection
Light Loom Design team (tutors at ifac 2015 and Ifac 2016), Spain.
We believe that the festival is a erfect place to develope creative, colletctive and interdisciplinary learning due to its collaborative approach
Clara Ruiz, Irene Ortega and Irene Artalejo (tutors at Ifac 2015), Spain
Fragile limit, amaziNg setting, a chance to meet great people and possibly a great opportunity to discuss and create something that could really become part of real life in many places
Natalia Sckoczylas and Silvia Vázquez (tutors at Ifac 2016), Poland and Spain
We understand the IFAC as a generator of cultural proposals at the intersection of the natural and the urbanized landscapes. Our own personal research interests converge on the connection between interior world and the interpretation of the surrounding landscape.
Nerea Amorós and Aïda Andrés, (tutors at Ifac 2016), Spain
According to IFAC philosophy, our work is based not only on the architectural product but also on the social relationships, trying to find common solutions
Equalogical Lab (tutors at Ifac 2016), Spain & Italy
A year ago we experienced the IFAC adventure in pictoresque village in Netherlands. Those unforgettable ten days prooved us how important in architects’ profession is international interaction with people that have the same interests as you. Furthermore, the opportunity to realize your idea with a group of enthusiastic and full of positive energy participants charge your creative battery for the whole next year.
Justyna Krata (tutor at Ifac 2015 & 2016), Poland
The rural context is the ideal scenario to to get some inspiration to make art. Out of galleries, museums, theaters or even the streets, lots of artistic miracles are waiting to be seen. you can find´em walking a path, in a tree, in a rock, any rock of this giant garden all around us. Share this opener mind-soul-body experience it´s what leads me to IFAC.
Darío Val (tutor at Ifac 2014, ifac 2015 and Ifac 2016), Mexico
We consider that IFAC let people release both their creativity and motivation, out of university and professional environments
Carlos Conejo, María Flores and Miguel Ajuriaguerra (ifac 2016 applicants), Spain
IFAC, the main reference for us as an architectural event
Javier Martínez and Aida Mas (ifac 2016 applicants), Spain
I believe it’s a place where people from different origins can meet and reflect on which is the future we want to build. The future that we want to build with our own hands
Paolo Uboldi (ifac 2016 applicant), Italy
I love this festival and particularly how it promotes sustainability and self-suficiency technologies and culture
Elba García-Clack (Ifac 2015 participant, and Ifac 2016 tutor), Spain
It’s a very enriching experience: meet people from other countries, with similar concerns about what is happening today, surrounded by good atmosphere
Milena Villalba (ifac 2015 and Ifac 2016 tutor), Spain
We want to learn and create our crazy dreams with other free inds under the desert full moon
Econstrucció (ifac 2016 tutors), Spain
IFAC means celebrating the culture of art of construction to us. The multi-disciplinary, international, vivacious atmosphere of this festival has influenced us when we first heard about it last year just before its beginning. Afterwards, it has been more than a desire for us to participate this adventure this year as we got more excited with the festival’s diversely productive and nature-derived work environment.
Elif Oztekin, Erdinç Aydoğan and Iraz Candaş (ifac 2016 tutors), Turkey

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