Expert tutors in different areas and participants from all over the world live, create, build, and learn from practical experience in a multicultural context.


The aim is to inspire every person that lives IFAC through creative expression in the areas of arts, architecture, design, green technologies, music and performance during 10 days in a beautiful, natural setting, using local materials and natural techniques combining ancestral and contemporary knowledge.

INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ART AND CONSTRUCTION is an initiative originally born in Spain five years ago, and that has developed annually since then in different places of Spain (2012, 2013, 2014, 2016) and Holland (2015).


Feel free, to explore in your mind all the shapes and colours, nothing is impossible, the only limit is your imagination.

We want to break the barrier of individualism of the XX century and explore the self-sufficient community opportunity of the XXI century. The new age is shining, right now, because we are all concern about our common home. Let’s open our senses and listen to our sacred Mother Earth, the divine. The aim is to combine ancient and modern technologies, to experiment, test and find together sustainable solutions.

2017 TOPIC

Live With Earth: Build,  produce and  live the land from the local production of resources for self-sufficiency – want to know more?.


In this edition of IFAC 2017, we will use different types of construction with local organic materials, such as clay, sand, straw, stone, wood, cane, bamboo, and other abundant, biodegradable and recyclable materials. Exploring through creativity, the architects and designers will develop and coordinate structures with different concepts, with the participants of the festival, according to sustainable and self-sufficient methods and principles.


In IFAC Portugal 2017 we will have two stages for concerts, one in the mountain, and another in the village of Cadriceira, where we hope to create social impact and intervention. Artists and Musicians will have the opportunity to spread their talents, create entertainment and enjoy the festival harmony ambience. The magic will happen in each corner with jam sessions, dance and other performances and improvisations.


In Portugal, and other countries worldwide (Brazil, Perú, Spain, Índia…) there is a big movement arising, since the 60’s, for a human massive ecological awareness, of Planet Earth ecosystems, and the way that human actions have destructive impact on them. Permaculture brings innovative answers with methodologies and techniques related to the Natural Design, interacting with the natural production cycles, and the Social Design, according to the dynamics of interaction between humans and strategies for communities to thrive.


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